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Kyokushin-kan Romania National Summer Camp

From Aug 6 to Aug 9, 2020, Kyokushin-kan Romania will host National Summer Camp in Eforie Sud.

The event is open to all Martial Arts practitioners.

The camp will be held with Full Contact Knock Down Karate training sessions, practicing and improving wrestling techniques, partner practice sessions and sparring. Continue reading “Kyokushin-kan Romania National Summer Camp”

Kyokushin-Kan Romanian National Tournament 2019

Dear all,
We have the honor of inviting you to the 1st Kyokushin-Kan Romanian National Tournament 2019

October 26th, 2019; Bucharest, Romania; Iris Sports Arena

Kyokushin-Kan Romania
A Full Contact Karate – Knock Down fighting championship organized by Kyokushin-Kan Romania – Sensei Ionel Stancu and Federatia de Karate Full Contact Continue reading “Kyokushin-Kan Romanian National Tournament 2019”