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ARMENIAN GRANDPRIX 2017 in open absolute category among men

«ARMENIAN GRANDPRIX» Kyokushin karate Championship

Open absolute category among men. Armenia, Yerevan, 29 April, 2017

The whole monitoring and the organization of the tournament will be done by the Armenian Kyokushin Karate Federation. The representatives of the national federations, all the interested groups of Kyokushin at the age of 18 with a style qualification not less than 2nd kyu in a particular country are invited to participate. The host organization covers the following charges: Continue reading “ARMENIAN GRANDPRIX 2017 in open absolute category among men”

The Summer Camp of Armenian Kyokushin Karate

The Summer Camp of Armenian Kyokushin karate headed by

Andranik Hakobyan, the president of Armenian Kyokushin karate,summer

was held this year on July 18-24 in Tsaghkadzor. Camp was at a popular health resort in Armenia, located north of the capital Yerevan in the Kotayk Province. In Camp participated more than 180 karatekas.summer

Besides the participants from Yerevan and regions of Armenia, Russian sportsmen headed by Yunona Sedrakyan, also took part in this educational training camp.

The training sessions was 3 times a day, different entertainments were also organized. The president of the federation Andranik Hakobyan and the coaches of the federation sharing their knowledge with the karatekas, teaching them new technical tricks. Another goal of this Summer Camp was to get prepared for the seminar that is going to be held in Armenia, during which the coaches will take qualification exams to upgrade their belts. Continue reading “The Summer Camp of Armenian Kyokushin Karate”