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KWF Spain: The 7th Wintercamp 2019

The 7º Spanish Wintercamp (Kangeiko)

will be held from 8 to 10 of March 2018 in Villanua (Huesca-Spain). In the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees (beautiful place)

The camp will cover all aspects of kyokushin (kihon, ido, kata and kumite) and we will do indoor and outdoor trainings. Open for all groups and countries. Continue reading “KWF Spain: The 7th Wintercamp 2019”

KWF Spain: Seminars with Shihan Antonio Piñero

The following courses will take place on 25 and 26 November

KWF Spain Seminar Shihan Antonio Piñero

Saturday 25 November: Technical course for brown and black belts with Shihan Antonio Piñero
Saturday 25 November: Arbitration course with Shihan Fernando Pérez
Instructors: Shihan Fernando Pérez (Director of course), Shihan Javier Sánchez (National Coach), Sensei Christian Prades and Ignacio Sagardoy (doctor in medicine)