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Martial Arts for Kids

Parents most certainly seem to have their hands full with regards to their children.

All too often we hear the same old story about parents who are struggling to keep their kids in line and are plain and simply at a means to an end when it comes to meeting their child’s specific needs.

martial arts kids

We hear stories of children being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, even Depression and are prescribed adult-level medications to attempt to help curb whatever it is that they are lashing out against… and more often than not the problems that these children are facing only continue to escalate. Continue reading “Martial Arts for Kids”

KWF Australia: Shihan Antonio Piñero participate in Trifu Dojo tournament

Sensei Daniel Trifu shared the news on his Facebook profile:

Shihan Antonio Piñero, 8th Dan, the chairman of the Kyokushin World Federation was the guest of honor at Trifu Dojo in house tournament.

Trifu Dojo tournament

114 Kids took part in this event. Some didn’t last the full day but what a mammoth task to become COMPETITORS. Respect to you all for making it happen. Very few people can say they’ve competed in a martial arts event. The tournaments purpose was PARTICIPATION. Every student received at least a participation trophy with each age group receiving an overall grand champion title. We had students as young as three competing this time. Continue reading “KWF Australia: Shihan Antonio Piñero participate in Trifu Dojo tournament”

British Kyokushinkai Karate: CRAWLEY INTERCLUB 2017

This years interclub had approximately sixty children from

Loughborough, Westhill, Hastings, Eastbourne, Saffron Walden, Westcroft, Crystal Palace, Dunmow and Crawley.


Once again it was a tremendous success with thanks going to all the officials, dojo operators, parents and of course children for taking part.

Continue reading “British Kyokushinkai Karate: CRAWLEY INTERCLUB 2017”

Kyokushin Kuwait volunteer with young Loyac

Loyac Center hosted on Kyokushin Kuwait

for a volunteer training with young Loyac to tain in Kyokushin and self-defense

This event was was held by Sensei Ali Manaseer, Sensei Bader Al-Bisher, Senpai Talal Al-Manaseer, Mona Al-Sherifi, Abeer Al-Sherifi and Ghader Al-Sharifi. Continue reading “Kyokushin Kuwait volunteer with young Loyac”