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KWU Gomel Cup & SAKURA OVER SOZH International competition 2020

KWU Gomel Cup 2020 International Kyokushin-kan Karate Tournament Among Men and Women in Weight Categories will be held on October 23 – 25, 2020

Organizers: Kyokushin World Union and Kyokushin-kan International in Belarus.
Eligibility: Representatives of national federations and all concerned Kyokushin groups of the country, aged 18 and more, with at least 6 Kyu style grade, are eligible to compete in Gomel Cup 2020 International Tournament.

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2020 Seminar of KWU Azerbaijan

On September 13, 2020, KWU – Azerbaijan Republican Seminar chaired by Galandar Aslanov was held on Novkhani beach in Baku.

The closure of all gyms due to the COVID-19 virus since March has had a major impact on the physical, mental, and psychological lagging of athletes.

From August, sports training and sporting events have been allowed only in the open air, while maintaining social distance. Immediately after the decision, we involved the athletes in partial outdoor training and organized a small outdoor tournament in August to restore their former fighting spirit. Continue reading “2020 Seminar of KWU Azerbaijan”

14th KWU International Summer Camp 2020

On 16-23 August 2020 was held the 14th KWU International Summer Camp in Kamchia, Bulgaria.

The global situation has drastically affected the preparation and holding of the camp. The dates were changed several times, the organizers had to keep updated with all the changes to the requirements of epidemiological safety.

Picture by Milen Lesemann Photography

But the KWU International Camp is one of the main events in the life of the world Kyokushin, which has long become a good tradition and which athletes from all over the world are always looking forward to. Given that the circumstances of this year due to the COVID-19 had already deprived athletes of the opportunity to train regularly, everyone realized that this camp would be a breath of fresh air for athletes. Continue reading “14th KWU International Summer Camp 2020”

24 Hours kyokushin training

The KWF family Israel Kyokushin Karate School led by Sensei Vadim Matveev held “Marathon 24 Hours Kyokushin of KWF Israel”

“We can now say that we have raised and continue to raise children and youth champions who strive for excellence and represent Israel in National and International championships. Come and experiment for a free trial class! Promise you won’t regret it” shared on Facebook Kyokushin Karate KWF Israel page

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