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VARNA CUP 2018 All participants by categories

Within International KWU Summer Camp 2018 will be held the 2nd “Varna Cup”

among the cadets in age group 18-21 years old

Here are all participants by categories: Continue reading “VARNA CUP 2018 All participants by categories”

KWF Kyokushin National Open Championship of Armenia

Finally, on May 28, it took place the long-awaited Kyokushin National Open Championship of KWF Armenia,

organized by the KWF Armenia, which was chosen to be held on the day of the First Armenian Republic ‘s anniversary of 1918 devoted to the symbolic day of our old and new victories.

The opening ceremony of this unprecedented event was inaugurated by the fourth president of the federation, the International black belt 4 dan Spartak Gasparyan. Continue reading “KWF Kyokushin National Open Championship of Armenia”

Kyokushin-kan Greece: Regular KYU Belt Promotion Test – June 2018

Kyokushin-kan Greece announced on their website:

On Monday June 25th and time 19:00 a.m., promotion test for regular KYU belt will be conducted for the Junior groups.

Kyokushin-kan Greece

Due to the great multitude of athletes, Shihan Nikolaos Panagoiliopoulos and Director of Head Offices, Sensei Panagoiliopoulos Konstantinos, decided that the promotion test should be done in two periods. Continue reading “Kyokushin-kan Greece: Regular KYU Belt Promotion Test – June 2018”

KWF Ukraina: In Zaporizhia was held the open championship of the region

May 6, 2018 in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, was held the open championship of the Region

among children and juniors

KWF Ukraina

Organizer of the tournament was the first deputy director of the Federation Kyokushin Ukraine in Zaporizhia region – Evgeny Bozhko.

In the championship attended by teams from the Dnepropetrovsk region, Mykolaiv region, Cherkassy region and Zaporozhye region (Zaporizhia). The total number of participants was 250 fighters.


11-12 May 2018 in Chelabinsk in Metropolitan Sport Hall

KWF Russia

the KWF Russian Kyokushin Championship were organized with participation of near 300 fighters from 38 regions. The event was prepared very good and followed live broadcast on the Internet.

The organizer of judging couse, championship and seminar with exam was Russian Kyokushin Federation led by shihan Sergey Soldatov.