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Uruguayan National Knockdown Tournament 2017

On Sunday June 25th, 2017 the Uruguayan National Knockdown Tournament

will be held at the Praga Athletic Club facilities in Mercedes (Soriano)
Uruguayan National Knockdown Tournament
This will be the qualifying tournament towards the I.F.K. South America Tournament to be held in San Paulo, Brazil.

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Uruguay Summer Camp 2017 with Shihan David Pickthall

The 6th Uruguay Summer Camp

was held in Salinas Montevideo from the 10th-12th March under the instruction of Shihan David Pickthall.

Uruguay Summer

Participants from all the Uruguayan dojos attended along with the Country Representatives of Brazil Jeovaldo Barreto and Chile German Caru.

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IFK Uruguay: Kumite weekend

On April 22nd and 23rd, the “Kumite weekend” seminar

will be held in the Luis Koster Sport Complex in Mercedes (Soriano, Uruguay)

Sensei German Carballo

The seminar will be led by Sensei German Carballo, 3rd Dan, Country Representative of Uruguay. This will serve as a great opportunity to prepare athletes for the National Kumite tournament will be held in mid-2017.

This event is organized by the Departamental Coordinator, Senpai Mario Hornos, 1st Dan.