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The 5th IFK Uruguay National Tournament – results

On Sunday, August 11th, 2019,  IFK Uruguay held its 5th IFK Uruguay National Tournament at the Maristas College Gymnasium in Montevideo Uruguay. 
Over more 7 hours, more than 100 participants competed in kata, clicker, and kumite with categories for kids, cadets and adults; novices, experts, and seniors.

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IFK Uruguay annual Referee Course

On Sunday February 24th, the first 2019

annual Referee Course took place in IFK Uruguay´s Hombu Dojo, Dojo Estribo, part of the annual ongoing training agenda.

The 5-hours course focused on IFK Knockdown Kumite Rules and was led by Sensei Germán Carballo, IFK Uruguay Country Representative.
IFK Uruguay members from 3rd kyu through 2nd Dan from all Uruguay Dojos took part of the training, thus ensuring unified criteria.

1st special training session for IFK Uruguay

On Saturday January 26th, 2019; kuro obis of Uruguay,

including State representatives coming from Salto, Soriano and Canelones joined black belts from Montevideo to participate in the first special training session of 2019.
IFK Uruguay
For over 3 hours, under the watchful eye of Sensei German Carballo, Country Representative of IFK Uruguay, kuro obis worked on stances, strikes and bunkai among other formal aspects of the IFK Syllabus.

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