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IFK Bulgarian Summer camp 2018

From 27.06 to 04.07.2018 was held annual summer camp of IFK Kyokushin Bulgaria.

This year also attended Shihan David Pickthall 7 Dan, who also held an exam for grades from 10 to 3 dan.

IFK Bulgaria

Congratulations to everyone who defended a higher degree. Congratulations and greetings to IFK Bulgarian new Sensei Georgi Geshev 3 dan. Continue reading “IFK Bulgarian Summer camp 2018”

The CUP of HANSHI 2016

The CUP of HANSHI for kids, juniors, cadets, men and women  in weight categories will be held on 19th and 20th of November 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

e-mail: info@CupOfHanshi.com

Number of competitors for IFK Bulgaria –  4 competitors in each category. For all other federations – 2 competitors in each category.

Full info here: www.cupofhanshi.com