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Hanshi Steve Arneil – Kyokushin man

By Graham Noble (2007)

Very few men deserve the accolade living legend but in Karate circles few will disagree that Hanshi Steve Arneil has rightly
earned such a reputation. He was the first man inducted into the ‘Combat’ Hall of Fame, and the first man to complete the infamous 100 Man Kumite under the tutelage of the legendary Mas Oyama. This interview was conducted on the eve of the twenty-first (1996) British Kyokushinkai Championships at Crystal Palace, London. Continue reading “Hanshi Steve Arneil – Kyokushin man”


The 43rd British Open has been scheduled for the 5th October 2019, at K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley, UK.

This iconic event is one of the most historic knockdown tournaments in the world. In 2019 edition will participate more than 140 fighters from 25 countries around the world in Open categories for men and women, Novice men and women and Cadets and you can watch it here:


Here are the draws:


Happy Birthday, Hanshi!

Dear Hanshi Steve Arneil,

Please, accept our most sincere congratulations on your birthday on behalf of our all KWU organization

We would like to wish you stay as strong as you always were, full of energy and Kyokushin spirit. We wish you a long and happy life with as many positive and bright moments as possible!

KWU appreciates the friendship with such a good person, as you, who is always ready to share skills and knowledge to all Kyokushin community. OSU!!

Hanshi Steve Arneil – The Spirit of Bushido

The true essence of Karate is the forging of one’s character/spirit through hard training.

No man typifies this principle more than Steve Arneil. He was the second man to complete the grueling One Hundred Man Kumite Challenge, after the great Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama.

Hanshi Steve Arneil

Steve Arneil, the son of a steelworker, was born on 29 August 1934 in the mining city of Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Arneil’s martial arts journey started when he aged twelve he began learning Judo from Allen Robinson, the son of famous judoka, Jack Robinson. The Arneil family had earlier moved to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) where Arneil’s father worked as a smelter in a copper mine. Continue reading “Hanshi Steve Arneil – The Spirit of Bushido”