International seminar with Kansho Hatsuo Royama in Poland

From 23 to 25 October 2020, in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (Poland) will be held the International kyokushin-kan seminar, under the leadership of the Kancho Hatsuo Royama (KI Chairman) and Shihan Masahide Ishijima, Taku Yokozawa.


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Life Ain’t Easy: Train Anyway

By Pete Hitzeman,

Most of us spent a huge portion of our childhood being told to do things we didn’t want to do. We had to be told every day to get out of bed, get ready for school, eat our vegetables, do our homework, brush our teeth. And on it went on for years, until we finally struck out on our own in the world, fully capable of doing it all for ourselves.

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This year the 53rd time the KWF International Summer Camp on Papendal. This camp has been a model for the many summer camps that are held all over the world today.

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Bogdan Shumarov after SENSHI 5: I`m happy to be back

The 23-years old Bulgarian competitor of Boil`s sports club captured his second WAKO PRO World title. On February 22nd during the 5th edition of the professional chain of gala fight nights SENSHI in Varna, Bogdan Shumarov stood up on the boxing ring against Maikel Astur from Estonia. The two fighters creatеd incredible spectacle in the main event of the evening, where the Bulgarian kickboxer proved his better preparation and qualities and managed to defeat the Estonian WAKO PRO bronze medalist.

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