XIX United New Year’s Kyokushin tournament

From 19 to 20 December 2015 in Novosibirsk was held the Cup of Russia

among men and women, among juniors 16-17 years. And also the Championship of the Novosibirsk Region among boys and girls 12-13, 14-15  y.o.

Team Results:

  1. place Kemerovo region
  2. place Tomsk region
  3. place Novosibirsk region

“The best judge” – Edward Selivanets
“Best Referee” – Denis Vozzhaev
“The will to win” – Ivan Schetinin
“The shortest fight” – Mnatsakanyan Rudolf
“The best technique” – Farid Kasumov

Pictures by Yuri Efimovskiy @karate42.ru

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