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Summer Camp IFK Switzerland 2021

Over 100 participants from all IFK Switzerland dojos met from July 23rd to 25th together in Willisau to finally complete a training camp again after a long Corona break.

In small groups, Kihon, Kata, and Kumite were diligently trained for three days, working on one’s own abilities and correcting minor mistakes. There was a lot of sweating, but no less laughing, and the Budo spirit was cultivated.

After around a year and a half, an official seat belt test took place again. Over a period of 5 hours, the experts tested the candidates for their strength, stamina, and understanding of Kyokushinkai Karate. We congratulate all examinees on their success:

Kohai Wang Vanessa, 5. Kyu
Kohai Bohnenblust Nathalie, 4. Kyu
Kohai Egli Angela, 2. Kyu
Kohai Moos Simena, 2. Kyu
Kohai Djurasic Gordana, 1. Kyu
Kohai Krummenacher Larissa, 1. Kyu
Kohai Eickhoff Vanessa, 1. Kyu
Kohai Diez Ismael, 1. Kyu
Senpai Campana Stefano, 1. DAN
Senpai Furger Anna, 1. DAN
Senpai Toppel Daniel, 1. DAN
Senpai Avvisati Mirco, 1. DAN
Senpai Anderhalden Nina, 2. DAN
Senpai Schönenberger Fabia, 2. DAN
Senpai Klaus Anita, 2. DAN
Senpai Avvisati Silvio, 2. DAN
Senpai Avvisati Francesco, 2. DAN
Sensei Kösters Walter, 3. DAN
Sensei Hartmann Louis, 3. DAN

In addition, the following Yudanshas who have been active for many years have been graduated from IFK Switzerland for their services and commitment:

Sensei Wallimann Eveline, 4. DAN
Shihan Juric Roland, 5. DAN

We thank all participants for their contribution to this successful summer camp and all instructors for their valuable training and input. We are already looking forward to next year – Osu.

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