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Seminar with Shihan Antonio Pinero Oslo 2016

Seminar with Shihan Antonio Pinero Oslo 2016The Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Organization (NKKO)

has arranged the yearly instructor seminar in Oslo. Every year in connection with the General Meeting NKKO conducts a technical seminar. As always our guest instructor was Shihan Antonio Pinero.

About 45 club leaders and instructors were present. The purpose with the seminar is to unify all the basic techniques and katas. This is very popular and a lot of questions are asked. This year most of the time was devoted to kumite techniques.

Everyone was going back home with much new kumite knowledge. Every year we have always had some training in the snow. Well, this time we didn’t have any snow to train in. We look forward to our next big event. The NKKO summer camp starts June 22. Shihan Lars Hogquist was responsible for the camp.

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