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Results of the IFK Russian Kyokushin Championship 2021

On April 10, 2021, the XXXI IFK Russian Kyokushin Championship was held in Moscow. The competition was attended by 94 fighters from all over Russia.

The chief judge of the competition is Andrey Bura, SVK, Sverdlovsk region, 7th dan.
The chief secretary of the competition is Andrey Khimichenko, SVK, Moscow, 5th dan.

Results of the XXXI IFK Championship of Russia

Men, -70 kg
1st place – Stanislav Nikulin
2nd place – Arthur Krymov
3rd place – Alexandr Tomilov

Men, -80 kg
1st place – Eldar Ismailzade
2nd place – Vitaly Bolotov
3rd place – Sergey Vakhrameev

Men, -90 kg
1st place – Stanislav Mezhevtsov
2nd place – Gnel Aryamyan
3rd place – Maxim Lavrischev

Men, 90+ kg
1st place – Vitaly Ishakhneli
2nd place – Yuri Stroganov
3rd place – Ruslan Samedov

Women, -60 kg
1st place – Natalia Beisembaeva
2nd place – Elizaveta Gromova
3rd place – Ekaterina Shemina

Women, 60+ kg
1st place – Polina Popova
2nd place – Svetlana Tuchkova
3rd place – Elena Zaykovskaya

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