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Peter Stoykov about SENSHI 8: It’s normal to get challenged because I hold the belt

The record-holder for the most wins at the elite fight nights SENSHI Peter Stoykov gave a special interview for the only Bulgarian TV show for combat sports and martial arts – Boec.BG

The winner of SENSHI Cup in 2019 and holder of the European WAKO belt in K-1 discussed his perfect record at SENSHI and his upcoming challenge at SENSHI 8 on 22.05.2021

“It was a big challenge for me to compete at SENSHI Cup in 2019 because I haven`t competed in such an event by that time. 3 matches in 2 days. It was really tough, but I was very well prepared. After the final, I was completely exhausted, but just let my mind go and went on to win the final against an experienced opponent”

“When I step in the ring, I forget about the pain and focus on my opponent and the fight. The European WAKO belt is the most important because when I started competing in K-1 I always wanted to win a European or World title. This shows that I have willpower, dedication, and discipline. I managed to impose my game in the title fight and I think I did an excellent job”

“I and my coach Mario Kirilov work really well together and I completely trust him. I focus entirely on his instructions because from the outside he can see a lot of stuff, that I cannot.”

“I feel most comfortable when I fight in K-1 rules. Under the KWU rules, I also feel good, because I train in this style. I accepted the challenge from Dimitar Penchev. It’s normal to get challenged because I hold the belt. My preparation goes on well, I train really hard. I put 100% in every match, no matter what.”

“I try to focus entirely on what my corner tells me, but when there is a crowd at the event it’s a different atmosphere. I feel the support. In the final of the SENSHI Cup in 2019 the crowd lifted me up when I heard them screaming my name. I really hope to be healthy, so I can reach my goals. With time I`ll be looking to win the world title”

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