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March 24, 2019 at the Sport Arena in Tokyo, Chiba

took place the international open tournament KWF Karate Grandprix with the participation of over 700 competitors, from 14 countries, fighting in 37 categories.

The official opening was made on behalf of KWF by the Secretary General Andrzej Drewniak. The main judge was Shihan Yuichi Serizawa. Among the special guests were: representative of KWF Russia – Shihan Sergey Soldatov, representative of KWF USA – Shihan Lesław Samitowski, representative of KWF Estonia – sensei Aleksei Korikov, representative of KWF Kazahstan – Shihan Mukhtar Juldassov, representative of KWF China – Shihan Noriyasu Hamai.

The organizer was the Japanese KWF Organization headed by shihan Noriyuki Tanaka.


Senior Men – 65 kg
1. Ono Atsuki (Japan)
2. Hiraki Kaede (Japan)
3. Horii Kaito (Japan)
3. Itoya Yoshiyuki (Japan)
Best 8: Michigoe Daichi (Japan)
Yamazaki Ryouki (Japan)
Arime Taiki (Japan)
Sawai Toranosukekagechika (Japan)

Senior Men -75 kg
1. Ishino Gentaro (Japan)
2. Hara Masayuki (Japan)
3. Stankov Kristiyan (Bulgaria)
3. Shimokawa Yoshiaki (Japan)
Best 8: Hatakeyama Naoto (Japan)
Kuroda Tetsu (Japan)
Oba Kengo (Japan)
Ootsu Tatsuya (Japan)

Senior Men -85 kg
1. Miyahara Jo (Japan)
2. Mizuno Shota (Japan)
3. Ishimine Yuudai (Japan)
3. Ishizuka Yuutaro (Japan)
Best 8: Doichev Kristiyan (Bulgaria)
Wortman Ferry (Netherlands)
Inamori Yutaka (Japan)
Nakayama Masazumi (Japan)

Senior Men +85 kg
1. Gotou Yuuta (Japan)
2. Yamaguchi Shota (Japan)
3. Tada Daisuke (Japan)
3. Yamanouchi Kouki (Japan)
Best 8: Hashimoto Ryo (Japan)
Hashimoto Ryuu (Japan)
Ivanov Georgi (Bulgaria)
Fushimi Seiya (Japan)

Senior Women -50 kg
1. Narita Urara (Japan)
2. Tomino Maasa (Japan)
3. Andou Manami (Japan)
3. Ito Honami (Japan)

Senior Women -60 kg
1. Kameyama Ayaka (Japan)
2. Kamiya Yura (Japan)
3. Nakazono Ayano (Japan)
3. Okada Aoi (Japan)

Senior Women +60 kg
1. Kobayashi Reona (Japan)
2. Higuchi Akari (Japan)
3. Czaban Anna (Poland)
3. Skjelfjord Irene Jensen (Norway)

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