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KWF Australia: New black belts

Justin Smith and Ava McCann are new black belts for KWF Australia

On Saturday November 12, after a nine hour grading Australian Kyokushin Federation (AKF) have two new black belts joining the club.

Sensei Daniel Trifu – KWF Australia representative wrote: It was a mammoth, marathon task from whichever angle you are looking at. One of the black belts is a Judge in the Federal Court which makes him probably the only KYOKUSHIN black belt judge in Australia. And the other is the youngest KYOKUSHIN black belt in Australia. This brings our dojo tally to 23 black belts. It happened on a special night as it was the 9th anniversary of Shihan Ishi’s passing. Shihan Ishi was my Instructor for seven and a half years. We did have Shihan Ishi Ni Rei right after Sosai Ni Rei at the end of the class. This is a small token of respect for the man that in the big picture is the father of our dojo and many other Dojos in Australia and the World.

Congratulations! Osu!

black belts


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