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Dan and Kyu test KWF Costa Rica

Dan and Kyu test KWF Costa RicaOn July 2nd a Dan and Kyu test was realized

at KWF Kyokushinkai Costa Rica under Sensei Mauricio Alvarado. The test lasted over 5 hours covering the basics of Kihon, Idogeiko, Stamina, Katas and Kumite.

Senpai Jeffrey Chung was promoted to Shodan – 1.Dan
Jonathan Gonzalez 1st Kyu
Iván Fonseca 2nd Kyu
Antonio Chung 3rd Kyu
Jason Villalta 3rd Kyu
Nathalie Jimenez 3rd Kyu
Marianella Marín 5th Kyu
Carlos León 5th Kyu

Congratulations! Osu!

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