British Open 2017 and 9th Cup of Europe – The DRAW

Here is the draw for British Open 2017 and 9th Cup of Europe

british open 2017 9th cup europe draw

This iconic event is one of the most long standing knockdown tournaments in the world.


CMC1 CADET U18 Boys -68kg

CMC3 CADET U18 Boys +78kg

CWC1 CADET U18 Girls -58kg

CWC2 CADET U18 Girls +58kg


NMC1 NOVICE Mens -70kg

NMC2 NOVICE Mens -80kg

NMC3 NOVICE Mens +80kg

NWC1 NOVICE Womens -60kg

NWC2 NOVICE Womens +60kg


MC1 OPEN Mens -70kg

MC2 OPEN Mens -80kg MC3

OPEN Mens +80kg

WC1 OPEN Womens -60kg

WC2 OPEN Womens +60kg

The 41st British Open and 9th Cup of Europe will be held on September 23th, in K2 Centre in Crawley, England and you can watch online here: