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2nd KWF Nepal Kyokushin Karate Camp

Training camp conducted by Puspalal Rokaya (KWF Representative in Nepal) in Bajhang district from September 10th, 2021 to September 16th was conducted continuously for 7 days. On the eighth day, the program was held by distributing certificates and congratulating the participating coaches and players.

Due to the effects of Coronavirus (COVID 19), junior players of all branches did not participate in the camp training as per the decision of KWF Nepal. 14 coaches and senior players participated in the 7-day camp training. Only Dojo Instructors and Senior (Belt Test Candidates) players have participated in the camp training.

Participants from different districts have been trained in the camp training keeping in view the KWF syllabus. This camp training is also seen as coach training. This camp has gained more energy in Kyokushin Karate skills, knowledge, technique, art, etc.
KWF Nepal has assigned some senior players from different districts to run the dojo for the development and expansion of Kyokushin Karate. KWF Nepal Kyokushin Karate team is getting stronger. The number of players and the number of branch Dojo is increasing day by day. Great Information

The competition “1st KWF Nepal Kyokushin Karate Championship 2021” is being held in Nepal in a few months. osu!

SENSHI 9 YouTube playlist │10.07.2021


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