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2nd Kata World Cup

IFK Switzerland had invited to the Kata World Cup for the second time on Saturday, September 10th, 2022. Around 30 participants from Great Britain, Israel and Switzerland followed the call and traveled to Kriens to measure themselves against the international competition.

Katas were presented at the highest level for both: juniors and adults. The fans and visitors who traveled with them ensured a great atmosphere and the appropriate applause. Finally, the best were selected and awarded by the referees. Congratulations to everyone on their excellent performance.

The Organising Committee would like to thank all participants, referees, helpers, and visitors for their commitment and is already looking forward to seeing you again next year.



IFK Kata World Cup 2022, Kriens

Adults Team
1. Great Britain/BKK Williams, Sheehan, Davies 
2. Switzerland 1 Zurfluh, Pfändler, Klaus 
3. Switzerland 2 Schönenberger, Schönenberger, Burri 

Juniors Team
1. Great Britain/BKK Warner, Williams, Goodley
2. Istael 1 Mor, Zohar, Itay
3. Switzerland Juniors Egli, Weber, Leibundgut

1. Goodley Marcello, Great Britain (BKK)
2. Williams Cai, Great Britain (BKK)
3. Dinatchi Itay, Israel

1. Tahan Zohar, Israel
2. Warner Niamh, Great Britain (BKK)
3. Egli Angela, Switzerland

1. Pfändler Ramon, Switzerland
2. Zurfluh Simon, Switzerland
3. Williams Nathan, Great Britain (BKK)

1. Alon Ovadia Hagar, Israel
2. Ziv Merav, Israel
3. Schönenberger Alanis, Switzerland

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