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2017 KWU World Championship Team Japan

Kyokushin-kan Facebook official page published list of Team Japan

for the 3rd KWU World championship among men and women in weight categories
December 9-10, Yekaterinburg, Russia

team japan

Team Japan:

-50kg Honami Ito (Shieijuku)
-55kg Erika Sato (KWF Japan)
-60kg Satsuki Kodama (Bushinkai)
-65kg Maki Aota (Kyokushin-kan)

-60kg Genki Takahashi (Kyokushin-kan)
-65kg Kotaro Yamashita (Kyokushin-kan)
-70kg Masaki Motoyama (KWF Japan)
-75kg Masazumi Nakayama (Kyokushinkarate Nakayama Dojo)
-80kg Yu Funasaki (Kyokushin-kan)
-85kg Shota Mizuno (KWF Japan)
-90kg Jo Miyahara (KWF Japan)
-95kg Yusuke Usui (Kyokushin-kan)
+95kg Seiya Fushimi (Kyokushinkarate Nakayama Dojo)

All NEWS about the KWUCHAMP 2017 HERE 

Website of the 3rd KWUCHAMP

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