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The 2016 All Herat Kyokushin-kan Championships

All Herat 2016 championship by Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan

Date: Sep 30, 2016
Location: Herat City, Afghanistan

Number of Participants: 120 Fighters
Organizer: Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan-Herat

Organizing Committee Chairman: Mohammad Qahar Azadani, 4th Dan
Branch Chief of Kyokushin-kan International Honbu

2016 All Herat

Results Adults Category:

+65 KG
Champion: Hujatullah Samehzadah
2nd Place: Zubair Alikozia
3rd Place: Abdul Qayoum Karimi

65 KG
Champion: Abdul Wasei Rahmani
2nd Place: Faraidoun Roshanyar
3rd Place: Aziz Ahmad Nabizadah

60 KG
Champion: Abdul Raza Nouri
2nd Place: Abdul Raziq Nouri
3rd Place: Fardin Rasouli

55 KG
Champion: Taqi Sharifi
2nd Place: Said Hamed Hussaini
3rd Place: Imamadin Karimi

Report by: Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan media unit

2016 All Herat

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