Dolph Lundgren met Khabrick – KWU World Championship mascot

Dolph Lundgren

 Hollywood cinema star and Kyokushin sensei Dolph Lundgren

has supported the idea of Kyokushin unification by meeting with KWU special correspondent and giving an interview with photo-session followed by. This is the first time ever when Kyokushin World Championship has a mascot – a baby tiger Khabrick. This young beast was so pleased to meet one of his idols, that he could not help asking for a photo.

Dolph Lundgren is a legendary man not only in cinema, but in Kyokushin karate world as well. And he undoubtedly is a man of fundamebtal principles, who trains hard for his physical and spiritual development. Thanks to his friendship with David Pickthall, IFK vice president he was glad to make a contact with KWU.

Stay tuned, more details soon.