Month: May 2017

My Karate – Short history, written by Sensei Steve Fogarasi

Originally posted on CONTACT KICKS:

My name is Steve Fogarasi, I am 42 years old and I have been practicing karate for 27 years. I hold a black belt 3rd Dan under the IFK (International Federation of Karate – Hanshi Steve Arneil) and I represent Canada. Currently I am the owner and operator of Contact Kicks Martial Arts in Toronto. [Editor’s note: Sensei Fogarasi is now 4th Dan – 2015]

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12 Japanese Words You Need To Know For Karate

The Martial Way blog: My good friend and full-contact karate fighter Norihiro Yoshida

was visiting recently from Japan. It had been a year since he visited before and trained at Contact Kicks Dojo for a few months and competed. This visit however was very brief.

While he was here he only had the opportunity to train one day. Afterwards we spent a lot of time catching and chatting. As part of that he was commenting on the way people pronounce Osu outside of Japan. He was saying that many people don’t pronounce it correctly, not enough emphasis on the “O”, and was impressed with how Fogarasi Sensei pronounced it. This then led into a discussion about other words used in the dojo. I touched on some of this in a previous blog post on Reishiki – Japanese Etiquette in Kyokushin Karate. Continue reading “12 Japanese Words You Need To Know For Karate”