Month: October 2016

England Call Ups for Crawley Students

The Crawley dojo has seven under 18’s fighting

for England in the Severn Challenge this weekend 29th October in Cardiff at the Central Youth Club, CF24 5HF.

In the U16 Robert Salvi, Ame Sorge, Bart Chaisrisud, Charlie Denton and Denis Sorokins will compete in the Clicker in both Team and Individual categories.

In the Knockdown Olivia Pickthall is in the Girls Lightweight and Bethany Salvi is in the Girls Heavyweight categories.

Teams from Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales and England will participate



IFK Romania: International Kumite camp 2016


IFK Romania organize International Kumite camp

The event will take place in Sibiu, Romania and will start on Nov 24, 2016 with referee course sustained by Shihan Alexander Kerrigan – 7. Dan and Kumite training sustained by Shihan David Picthall 7. Dan.

On Nov 25, we will continue with kumite training sessions and exams up to 3. Dan, on Saturday with kumite training and Sayonara Party, and on Sunday another kumite training and farewell. Continue reading “IFK Romania: International Kumite camp 2016”

Reading your opponent (like a picture book)

Habits in combat, everyone has them.

Whether you do Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu or some other awesome martial art, everyone shows what they are doing, before they are doing it.

Unless you have become really well practiced, the past 25+ years

how to be

Humans are gregarious primates. This means that they mostly live in big groups and enjoy being social with each other. Being in that social environment all the time means that people interact with each other, all the time. In a speaker based society like most of the West (where the speaker is responsible to express how they feel) this means that we always give away how we feel in this exact moment: Continue reading “Reading your opponent (like a picture book)”