Month: May 2016

Kancho Hatsuo Royama and the Birth of Kyokushin-kan

Hatsuo RoyamaHatsuo Royama was born in Saitama, just north of Tokyo,

in 1948. Inspired by a country-wide boom in popularity of celebrity fighters and wrestlers, he traveled to Ikebukuro at the age of 15 and entered Mas Oyama’s legendary “Oyama Dojo”. There Kyokushin Karate was being born. Having trained there at the birthplace of Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin, Kancho Royama was one of a very few of Mas Oyama’s students to still be closely affiliated with Mas Oyama from so close to the beginning all the way until Mas Oyama’s death in 1994. Continue reading “Kancho Hatsuo Royama and the Birth of Kyokushin-kan”

NEWS: 1st KWUEURO participants

Women – Category 55 kg – 12 fighters
Women – Category 60 kg – 10 fighters
Women – Category 65 kg – 15 fighters
Women – category up to 70 kg – 7 fighters
Women – category over 70 kg – 7 fighters
Men – Category 60 kg – 9 fighters
Men – Category 65 kg – 13 fighters
Men – category up to 70 kg – 12 fighters
Men – category up to 75 kg – 17 fighters
Men – Category to 80 kg – 24 fighters
Men – Category to 85 kg – 14 fighters
Men – Category 90 kg – 10 fighters
Men – Category to 95 kg – 9 fighters
Men – category over 95 kilograms – 11 fighters

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Bushido Mon Kata and Referee Seminar

On the 8th May 2016 in the SC “Severny” base was held Bushido Mon Kata and Refree Seminar

for sporsmen, coaches and judges before the Russian Kata Championship. Seminar was directed by Shihan Victor Fomin with Assistants”: Senseis Yulia Tseytlina, Andrey Khimichenko, Sergey Makarov and Svetlana Volkova. There were about 90 participants from main Moscow sport clubs and from other Russian towns (Kirov, Penza, Vladimir, Podolsk, Zubova Poliana). The organizers – Sempais Konstantin Siranchiev and Sergey Osokin.

Success of the young fighter from Germany in All Japan 2016

The debut of the young fighter from Berlin

in age of 17 who was representing the kyokushin-kan school

Dankezu gave been crowned with success! Getting the permission of the organizers the young junior took part in the absolute man’s category in one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year. On his way to final fights Ivan Christoph Demanov could overcome the heavy dark fighter. He got his training of “Uchi-Deshi” in main Honbu in Japan with the decision of referees 3:0. Continue reading “Success of the young fighter from Germany in All Japan 2016”