Month: March 2016

XI Championship of Saint-Petersburg universities

On this XI Championship of Saint-Petersburg universities

were 90 sportsmen from 16 universities and 4 different organizations. Organizer of the tournament was Sensei Dmitry Savelyev (KWU World champion)

2 divisions of sportsmen competed on this tournament:
Division A – experienced fighters
Division B – novices

But there were tough battles in both divisions. Continue reading “XI Championship of Saint-Petersburg universities”

The Role Of Sensei…

The word Sensei has been translated from Japanese to mean a number of things:

teacher, instructor, master. The translation that best fits the ideal role of Sensei in the traditional and martial arts of Japan is “one who has gone before.” As martial arts, in the Japanese sense, are a way or a path through life, the sensei is the one who has tread the path of the warrior before the students behind him, and can thus point the way forwards.

The ability to point the way forwards is, in my opinion, what is missed by most who would call themselves sensei: the position of sensei is not one of instructorship, there are other titles for that position, but one intended to demonstrate and guide students forwards down the martial path. The is, here, a subtle difference between instructing a person and guiding a person, and that is the crux of what it means to be sensei in a dojo. Continue reading “The Role Of Sensei…”

KWF Hungary participated on the 13th Domenica Cup, Croatia

The KWF Hungary’s team was in Croatia on 12th of March.

The Croatian Kyokushinkai Association organized the “13th Domenica Cup” Int. Karate Championships on Sveta Nedelja, Samobor. 13 Countries, 9 Kyokushin organizations!!!

KWF Hungary fighters, Csenge Szereny ( women -65 kg ) and Erik Takacs ( junior boys -75 kg ), all together was 2nd places, great fights after!!

Team leader was shihan Robert Kern and coach senpai Zoltan Heincz.

Congrats for the fighters. Osu!

Eurasia Open 2016 – results men, women and seniors divisions


-65 кг
1. Koki Akimoto (Japan)
2. Atsushi Matsumoto (Japan)
3. Yuma Takezawa (Japan); Izumi Yamada (Japan)

-75 кг
1. Yuto Fukuchi (Japan)
2. Tenta Onodera (Japan)
3. Takeaki Kinoshita (Japan); Kiyotaka Nakajima (Japan)

-85 кг
1. Naoki Morita (Japan)
2. Shota Mizuno (Japan)
3. Jo Miyahara (Japan); Shigeya Ueno (Japan)

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