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Shihan Nicholas Pettas is preparing a premier for ITADAKIMASI

The former K-1 champion Shihan Nicholas Pettas is preparing a premiere for “ITADAKIMASHI” on national TV on October 16th with his wife Angela in Japan. The kickboxing legend shared the news with Boec.

In the past week, his YouTube channel passed the 50,000 subscribers milestone, and that is what gave him the confidence to seek representation in mainstream media.

Pettas gained exceptional popularity in Bulgaria with his work for the international combat sports organization SENSHI. Often, he anchors seminars in Kyokushin and kickboxing on the regular camps, and at the 17th edition of the gala in Varna, he was the presenter in the center of the ring.

The 50-year-old sports giant made his name in the 1990s and 2000s when he became the European Kyokushin champion in 1995. The same year, he finished 5th at the World Open Karate Tournament. Other milestones with karate gi are the bronze medal from the World Weight Category Championship in 1997, in 1999, he doubled his success at the World Open Karate Tournament, and in the year 2000, he won the Shin Karate World Championship.



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Later, Shihan Pettas transitioned to kickboxing, and his best years were between 2000 and 2002 when he gained success at K-1 Japan Grand Prix, Bushido Europe, K-1 Survival, K-1 Burning, K-1 World Grand Prix, K-1 Andy Memorial, K-1 Gladiators, K-1 World Grand Prix in Fukuoka, K-1 World Grand Prix in Nagoya and K-1 Dream.

It may be more than 20 years from those days, but it doesn’t matter because he proved himself worthy of his name when, at his wedding reception in 2022, he managed to break six blocks of ice with his bare hand.

Today, Shihan Pettas is head of the PR and Marketing committee of the KWU SENSHI, making him one of the most valuable figures in the organization.

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