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SENSHI Kickboxing Seminar Led by KWU SENSHI America’s President

On November 26th, the city of Córdoba, Argentina, hosted a significant event in the martial arts world – a SENSHI Kickboxing seminar. Attracting participants from various countries across the American continent, the seminar was led by the president of KWU SENSHI America, Shihan Francisco Filho.

This remarkable event featured the presence and expertise of prominent figures in the world of kickboxing, including Shihan Glaube Feitosa, Shihan Andrews Nakahara, and Sensei Ewerton Teixeira. Together, they shared a wealth of knowledge and kickboxing techniques, offering attendees a unique opportunity for learning and improvement.

The seminar’s sessions covered a wide range of skills, from basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, suitable for practitioners of all levels. The emphasis on technical, tactical, and strategic improvement provided a holistic training experience, elevating the skill level of the participants.

Beyond the technical aspect, the seminar also promoted cultural integration and the exchange of experiences among kickboxing enthusiasts from different countries. This interaction enriched the event, creating a collaborative and respectful learning environment, reflecting the core values of SENSHI Kickboxing.

The success of the seminar in Córdoba marks a significant milestone for KWU SENSHI and SENSHI Kickboxing in Latin America. It not only demonstrated the growing interest and dedication to the sport in the region but also established a new standard of excellence in training and development events for martial arts.

With the completion of this seminar, it is hoped that similar events will be organized in the future, contributing to the expansion and strengthening of SENSHI Kickboxing throughout the American continent.

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