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SENSHI camp – A rich training program and a special lecture

The sea capital of Varna will once again host meetings between elite fighting stars and Bulgarian and foreign combat sports competitors in December when the last training camp of the year will be held by the Professional League of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU).

Accommodation and training costs of the participants are covered by the organizer. The master classes will take place in one of the best sports complexes in Varna – the prestigious sports center “SENSHI Gym” in the period between December 1st and 4th.

For the first time, within the training camp of the Professional League of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU), No-Gi BJJ – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training with Alex Alves, 5 dan, from Brazil will be held. Part of the program will also be a special lecture on “Optimal nutrition and supplementation for fighters” with Belcho Hristov.

K-1 Legends Sam Greco and Nicholas Pettas are back in Bulgaria for SENSHI Camp

Aerts, Hoost, Schilt, Kraus – together again at the SENSHI camp

High class Full contact Senseis of the SENSHI Camp

Alex Alves is from Brazil, São Paulo. Black belt 5th dan Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Head Coach MMA for Professional fighters, and Teacher of self-defense. He has around 30 years of experience IN BJJ and MMA. He is 3 times National champion, 6 times São Paulo champion, and 3 times International champion. He traveled and teach BJJ and MMA in 34 countries around the World. He’s a coach of many UFC fighters from Europe, Asia, and Brazil and a former coach of MMA and BJJ at UFC GYM SINGAPORE. 

Professional MMA record: 10-3, No-Gi 64-4.

Belcho Hristov will give a lecture on “Nutrition and supplementation for fighters”. 

The seminar is an important and groundbreaking topic that will help any athlete feel more of a burst of energy, focus, and concentration. Why?

The topics we will cover at Yamamoto TEAM Bulgaria include:

– Why are individual calories important?
– How are macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat distributed in the individual calorie macro framework) for fighters?
– Because this nutrition is important, and the watershed, in preparation? What is muscle glycogen and where does the energy come from?
– Diet provides the basics, supplements add value – what are the basic formulas that are almost mandatory, for a fighter’s health?
– What is recovery and why should you expect results with the integration of these physiological laws, in the athlete?

Yamamoto TEAM Bulgaria is a team of close-knit specialists, each with their own practical experience working with real people, cases, and goals. Working with athletes is no exception and therefore, the practical guidance and experience that will be shared will greatly help the fighter – today, now, and in the future.

Belcho Hristov is part of Yamamoto TEAM Bulgaria. He is a biologist and works in the field of cellular nutrition (nutrition calculated for each individual), the integration of cardio-fitness training into specialized individual training for set goals and wellness conditions. Together with Tihomir Trifonov, a proven trainer and specialist also in the topics of nutrition, fitness training, and the application (use) of dietary supplements, together they are engaged in the promotion of the more modern and clean formulas and blends products of the giants Yamamoto Nutrition – Italian brand of dietary supplements for sports people, athletes and people with problematic conditions.

International applications for the seminar are accepted until the 9th of November and can be sent by email to:

Participation form. Application-form-KWU-International-Professional-League-seminar

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