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SENSHI 9 results

The 1st KWU European Amateur Championship by rules of the KWU Professional League – SENSHI was held on July 8-9 in a framework of the KWU International Summer camp Kamchia 4-11 July 2021.

The event was originally scheduled for December last year but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the then epidemiological situation in the country. 

In this 1st KWU European Amateur Championship by rules of the KWU Professional League – SENSHI competitors were divided into six categories: -70, -75, -80, -85, -90, +90. Each category includes eight fighters. Preliminary battles and semifinals were held with protective equipment – helmet, elbow pads, leg protectors.

In the final, the fighters used only gloves. The matches are played in the ring before the SENSHI 9 fight gala for professionalists. 


Cat. -70kg. Ayk Danielyan (Russia) defeated Gegam Manavazian (Armenia)           

Cat. -75kg. Siarhei Charnetski (Belarus) defeated Suliman Kosumov (Russia)

Cat. -80kg. Nikolay Yorgov (Bulgaria) defeated Ruslan Nasibulin (Belarus) 

Cat. -85kg. Kristiyan Doychev (Bulgaria) defeated Jean-Paul Jacquot (France)

Cat. -90kg. Vladyslav Fostenko (Ukraine) defeated Amirouche Filali (France)         

Cat. +90kg. David Atsman (Belarus) defeated Danylo Voievodkin (Ukraine)

SENSHI 9 continued with 7 breath-taking battles between fighters from 11 countries. The K-1 legend trio – the multiple K-1 heavyweight champions and instructors at the KWU Professional League Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, and Ernesto Hoost will be referees, commentators, and special guests at the gala. Shihan Ivo Kamenov, Chairman of the Professional League of KWU and of the National Combat Sports Association in Bulgaria, and  Shihan Alexandr Pichkunov, Secretary-General of the KWU, will be among the special guest as well.

SENSHI 9 Results:

Cat. -70kg. Dragomir Petrov (Bulgaria) defeated Carlos Garcia (France)     

Cat. -80kg. Eduard Aleksanyan (Bulgaria) defeated Pavel Shelest (Belarus)

Cat. -75kg. Andrej Kedves (Croatia) defeated Atanas Bozhilov (Bulgaria)

Cat. -70kg. Artem Pashporin (Russia) defeated Oleg Tsvik (Ukraine)           

Cat. +95kg. Francesco Xhaja (Albania) defeated Ahmed Krnjic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Cat. -80kg. Sergej Braun (Germany) defeated Samuel Dbili (France)

Cat. -85kg. Florin Lambagio (Romania) defeated Andrei Chekhonin (Russia)

Special Prizes:

Best Technique: Siarhei Charnetski (Belarus)

Most Spirited Fighter: Ruslan Nasibulin (Belarus)

The Knockout of the Night: Kristiyan Doychev (Bulgaria) for his KO at the KWU Senshi European championship on the first day

Best technique: Sergej Braun (Germany)

KWU Senshi European Championship and Senshi 9 gala broadcasted on Bulgaria ON AIR, MAX Sport, Boec.BG and the US online channels FITE, Boec.COM,, Kyokushin Karate News, and Fightо.News.

SENSHI is brought to you by KWU International Professional League with chairman Shihan Ivo Kamenov, Armeec Insurance Group, MAX Sport, „Bulgaria Air“ M-Car Group – BWM.

Media partners of SENSHI 9 are Boec.BG and Boec.COM, Bulgaria ON AIR, FITE,,,, Russian Union Of Martial Arts, Kyokushin Кarate News and Fighto.News.

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