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WKO Kuwait tournament

The KFK took part in the Shinkyokushin tournament that was held by ELITE academy on the 25th August 2017,


KFK took part with Sensie Bader AL-Bashir head referee of Kyokushin Kuwait, Sensei Abdullah Al-Khurafi team coach and Senpai Talal Al-Manaseer as referee.

Tournament result:-

Abdulaziz AL-Faris ( 6th Kyu ) -1st place
Abdulmuhsen Al-Awadi ( 9th Kyu ) – 2nd place
Abdulrahman AL-Harbi ( 7th Kyu ) – 1st place
Abdullah AL-Shalan ( 8th Kyu ) – 1st place
We would like to thank Sensei Abdullah Al-banwan WKO Kuwait Representative for organizing this event and wish them more success in the coming events.

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