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The Karate Grand Prix 2020 – results

The Karate Grand Prix 2020 was held on March 1st, Chiba, Japan. Here are the results in men and women divisions:

Senior Men – 65 kg
1. Yoshiyuki Itoya (Japan)
2. Daiki Hayamizu (Japan)
3. Shyo Miyakawa (Japan)
3. Tenshin Sawai (Japan)

Senior Men -75 kg
1. Atsuki Ono (Japan)
2. Kengo Oba (Japan)
3. Kaede Hiraki (Japan)
3. Tetsu Kroda (Japan)

Senior Men -85 kg
1. Masaki Oishi (Japan)
2. Kristiyan Doichev (Bulgaria)
3. Shota Mizuno (Japan)
3. Yuri Tanaka (Japan)

Senior Men +85 kg
1. Naoki Morita (Japan)
2. Vitalii Ishakhneli (Russia)
3. Artur Tilov (Russia)
3. Mohammad Rezaie (Australia)

Senior Women -50 kg
1. Narita Urara (Japan)
2. Yuzuha Hiraki (Japan)
3. Ayano Nakazono (Japan)
3. Rinako Akagi (Japan)

Senior Women -60 kg
1. Maasa Tomino (Japan)
2. Azu Kodama (Japan)
3. Camilla Barker (Australia)

Senior Women +60 kg
1. Rino Higuchi (Japan)
2. Koharu Watanabe (Japan)
3. Akari Higuchi (Japan)
3. Reona Kobayashi (Norway)

Senior Master Men +38 y.o. -75 kg
1. Masaaki Genda (Japan)
2. Kazuhito Inden (Japan)
3. Koji Sugama (Japan)
3. Yuki Hirata (Japan)

Senior Master Men +38 y.o. +75 kg
1. Takashi Shirato (Japan)
2. Hidenobu Morimoto (Japan)
3. Osami Watanabe (Japan)
3. Fuminori Kobayashi (Japan)

Senior Master Men +45 y.o. -75 kg
1. Yuji Naito (Japan)
2. Hideaki Abe (Japan)
3. Mitsuru Sakai (Japan)
3. Dmitrii Kisiuk (Russia)

Senior Master Men +45 y.o. +75 kg
1. Yasunori Satake (Japan)
2. Noriyuki Ishiguro (Japan)
3. Akira Shirasawa (Japan)
3. Eduard Gabathuler (Swiss)

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