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SENSHI 8 weigh-in results: Penchev and Stoykov both on point

All 20 fighters that are set to participate in tomorrow’s SENSHI 8 fight night made weight, smashing the last hurdle before the huge fight night.

The two fighters that will battle in the main event -Petar Stoykov and Dimitar Penchev, both made weight and thus made their fight official.

The official weigh-in ceremony took place at Hotel “Marinela”.

Here are all the results:

Artem Veklych (64 kg) –Alisher Karmenov (64,9 kg)

Pedro Granjo (69,6) – Dragomir Petrov (69,7)

Vladyslav Fostenko (89,6) – Kostadin Kardzhaliiski (88,5)

David Bitkash (83) – Kristiyan Doychev (84,7)

Farhad Akhmejanau (69,8) – Artem Pashporin (69,7)

Ahmed Krnjic (110) – Bader Ferdaus (102,7)

Madalin Mogos (79,8) – Eduard Aleksanyan (80)

Mario Nani (72,9) – Atanas Bozhilov (72,9)

Ricardo Fernandes (84,9) – Andrei Chekhonin (84,9)

Dimiatar Penchev (70) – Petar Stoykov (69,6)

Pictures HERE

The extraordinary international gala fight night will take place on 22 May at 12 pm EST/7 pm EET in Sofia and it will be broadcasted live for free internationally on the American online television FITE and online on,, and Kyokushin.Karate News 

Referees, commentators, and special guests of SENSHI 8 once again will be not just anybody, but the legendary K-1 trio from the Netherlands, who are also instructors at KWU International Professional League – the three-time world heavyweight champion of the K-1 Grand Prix series Peter Aerts, the four-time World Heavyweight Champion in K-1 Semmy Schilt and the four-time K-1 WGP winner Ernesto Hoost.

Special guest at the event will also be one of the most prominent figures in the world of fighting sports – the president of ISKA Europe Paul Hennessy.

SENSHI 8 is being conducted with the assistance of the KWU International Professional League, chaired by Shihan Ivo Kamenov, as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance JSC, MAX Sport, Bulgaria AIR, and BMW-M car.

Media partners: Boec.BG and Boec.Com, Bulgaria ON AIR, FITE.TV,,, Russian Union of Martial Arts and Kyokushinkarate.News


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