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Non-stop action and hard fought battles marks SENSHI 5

A list of breathtaking and non-stop action fights – that’s what SENSHI 5 was all about.

The fifth edition of the fastest-growing martial arts organization ended just a few minutes ago at the Palace of Culture and Sport in Varna, Bulgaria. The arena was packed and the guest-star presence of K-1 Legends Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost, and the KWU general secretary Alexandr Pichkunov was an additional boost for the up-and-coming fighters to give their best. And they did.

The fight fans witnessed 9 astonishing clashes conducted under 4 different styles: KWU SENSHI, KWU Full Contact, WAKO PRO K-1, and WAKO PRO Low Kick.

There were three WAKO PRO championship bouts that included some of the most experienced Bulgarian and European fighters.

Here are the full results from SENSHI 5:

Albena Sitnilska (Bulgaria) def. Anna Izdebsk (Ukraine) via UD

Petar Stoykov (Bulgaria) def. Volodymyr Serheiev (Ukraine) via TKO

Nikolay Yorgov (Bulgaria) def. Majid Beigi (Iran) after an additional 4th round

Vitalii Ishakhneli (Russia) def. Masaki Fuji (Japan) via UD

Hristiyan Korunchev (Bulgaria) def. Ljubo Jalovi (Serbia) via UD

Alisher Karmenov (Kazakhstan) def. Artur Arushanyan (Armenia) via UD

Andrey Chekhonin (Russia) def. Abderahim Chafay (France) via KO

Atanas Bozhilov (Bulgaria) def. Adolfo Barao (Portugal) via UD

Bogdan Shumarov (Bulgaria) def. Maikel Astur (Estonia) via UD

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