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These days we can observe many cases, when KWU logo is used without any notification of KWU office. Kyokushin World Union finds the news in internet about holding of sport events under the aegis of KWU. KWU is, actually, not aware of these events. We are concerned about this fact and would like to prevent such situations.

Kyokushin World Union is not against of holding of sport events under the aegis of KWU. But it is very important to let us know about it in advance!

In order to hold a tournament, camp or any sport event under the aegis of KWU and use its official logo, one should prepare a letter with the signature (desirable on the letterhead of your organization) with the official information about the sport event (the name, dates, place of holding etc) and official request for using the logo and conception of KWU and send it to . After the receipt of such a letter, KWU office will consider the information and send you a reply as soon as the decision is made.

It is the time to be united and work together!


Kyokushin World Union

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