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IFK Uruguay had great 2019 year

How can we summarize a great year for a small Martial Arts organization?

We accomplished the main goal of enhancing the training of all our instructors in every IFK technical area as well as with our referees to continue improving the work in the different competition modalities.

We had a competitor training at the highest level in San Paulo in a seminar led by the Russian Kumite National team Coach, Sensei Dimitry Savalyev, organized by IFK Brazil. Two months later, four of our instructors trained at the IFK World Seminar led by the highest ranks of our organization in the Papendal Olympic Complex in The Netherlands.

We held several national intensive weekend training sessions in Dolores and Mercedes as well as special sessions in Montevideo.

We enjoyed yet another Summer Camp, the eight held in Uruguay, which by now has already become a classic. Training included sessions in the sand dunes, beach, forest and at night surrounding a fire; ending with the promotion of a new kuro obi.
Our National Team competed in five tournaments at national, regional and international level:

– April: IFK Kata World Tournament in Arnhem, organized by IFK Netherlands.
– May: Kanku Cap in Montevideo, organized by Kyokukaikan.
– August: 5th IFK Uruguay National Tournament in Montevideo, organized by IFK Uruguay.
– October: 4th South American Tournament in Valparaíso, organized by IFK Chile
– November: 1st Kenbukai Uruguay Tourament in Pinar, organized by Kenbukai Uruguay.

Lastly, we must highlight the achievement of many students that succeeded in their Kyu gradings during the six exam instances that were held in Soriano and Montevideo.

With the work and dedication of many, the essential support of our families and the collective spirit which is becoming stronger by the day, we are ready to start 2020 aiming for more!

For all of this, thank you very much to each one of you.

OSU! IFK Uruguay

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