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IFK Netherlands Summer camp 2023

Date: Friday 30 June to Sunday 2 July 2023

Guest instructors: Shihan Janine Davies and Senpai Jonas Rosin

Accommodation: Papendal Papendallaan 3, 6816 VD Arnhem

Registration: Registering for the summer camp is always done in consultation with your own teacher. The summer camp is for young and old from about 12 years old. The cost of the summer camp is €240.00. If you have paid the deposit of €75.00, you are registered.

Please note: there are only a limited number of places available! So register in time!

Exams: Kyu and dan degree exams will take place during the camp. Exam candidates must register before 1 January. The whole registration procedure is described in the examination regulations—more information about this from your own teacher or the secretary of the examination board, sensei Pascal.

Packing list: What should you bring to summer camp?

Exoneration Form (the registration form) Small sports bag
Gi (karate suit) 1x Toiletry bag
Gi (old karate suit that can get dirty) Sunscreen
Obi (belt) Tape, plasters, etc.
Shin guards and gloves Water bottle
Chest protection (women) / tok (men) Garbage bags
Mouthguard Training clothing

Slippers Medication
Sports shoes (may get dirty)

Bandana/headwear (no cap)

For other questions, please visit

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