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Here are the winners of the SENSHI 17 arena clashes

The European SENSHI titles were won for Bulgaria.

The 17th edition of the International gala fight night SENSHI, which took place on the 8th of June, offered its audience incredible battles and an impressive fighting spectacle that unfolded in 18 fights. The elite fighters showed fighting sportsmanship and enviable mastery skills in the arena. Martial arts fans enjoyed masterful battles among some of the most talented names in martial arts.

The competitions were between 36 fighters from over 19 countries, and in the arena, the fighters showed various martial arts disciplines, such as Kyokushin, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA. The fights brought together some of the most talented professionals in combat sports in the SENSHI arena, who befittingly defended all of their well-deserved titles.

Look at the final results of the 17th edition of the SENSHI international professional gala night:


Fight #1

Cat. 60 kg, regulation: KWU Full Contact

Luvita Gutierrez, Spain vs. Montana Aerts, Netherlands

In the first fight of the evening, the Spaniard Luvita Gutierrez makes her debut in SENSHI against Montana Aеrts from the Netherlands, winner of the title Rings superfight, October 2021 “. Luvita Gutierrez won the red corner with a unanimous judge’s decision.

Fight #2

Cat. 65 kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Vincenzo Aldomnes, Italy vs. Alisher Karmenov, Kazakhstan

In the second match of the fighting gala evening, the fiery Italian Vincenzo Aldomnes and the winner of the KWU Asian Championship, 2022, Alisher Karmenov, gave their best in the arena. The match ended with victory for Alisher Karmenov again with the judges’ unanimous decision.


Fight #3

Cat. 70 kg, regulations: KWU OPEN

Luis Gustavo, Brazil vs Delyan Georgiev, Bulgaria

In the fighting arena, two fighters made their debut in a fierce fight, in which victory was for the Bulgarian Delyan Georgiev after the 3rd round with a unanimous decision by the judges. The Bulgarian was a two-time IMMAF Amateur World Champion in 2017 and 2018.


Fight #4

Cat. 70 kg, regulation: KWU FULLCONTACT

Takuya Imamura, Japan vs Marcio Jesus, Brazil

In the intense fight between the Japanese multi-title winner and the Brazilian who had participated in SENSHI before, the audience was impressed by the participants’ incredible techniques and strong fighting spirit. Marcio Jesus won against The Japanese from R.I.S.E after the judges’ unanimous decision.


Fight #5

Cat. 70 kg, rules: KWU SENSHI

Jose Maria Quevedo, Spain vs Alessio Malatesta, Italy

The match offered the audience an impressive fight, in which the two-time Muay Thai champion of Spain faced the Italian holder of the MAX Muay Thai Champion title. Quevedo failed to beat his opponent and lost the fight. Alessio Malatesta was the winner from the blue corner in the 5th fight of the evening. The victory was by unanimous decision of the judges.


Fight #6

Cat. 75kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Filip Bienias, Poland vs. Mubariz Aghamaliyev, Azerbaijan

The fight ended with a spectacular knockout in the 1st round for Mubariz Aghamaliyev. Bienias showed technique and skill, but his opponent was determined to win.


Fight #7

Cat. 75kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Fernando Martin, Spain vs. Mihail Velchovski, Bulgaria

In the SENSHI battle arena, the Spaniard Fernando Martin and the Bulgarian Mihail Velchovski faced each other, where the victory was for Velchovski from the blue corner. Both participants are known in the fighting arena. Martin lost the fight after the 3rd round with the judges’ unanimous decision in favor of Velchovski.


Fight #8

Cat. 80 kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Dominik Bereczki, Hungary vs. Dani Traore, Germany

Hungary’s Dominik Bereczki, a four-time champion in his country and a Superfightseries Champion, lost over his opponent Dani Traore. The German Dani Traore, WKU and ISKA champion in his country and the holder of the IKBO world title, demonstrated masterful skills and excellent preparation. The win was by a split decision of the judges.

Fight #9

Cat. 80 kg, Ruleset: KWU FULL CONTACT

Mehdi Ait El Hadj, Morocco vs Florin Lambagiu, Romania

With great enthusiasm and desire to win, these two fighters stood on the field with their well-deserved titles. The Moroccan Mehdi Ait El Hadj, ISKA European K1 Champion, won the fight. The Romanian Florin Lambagiu lose against his opponent with a unanimous decision of the judges in favor of the red corner.


Fight #10

cat. 80 kg, Ruleset: KWU OPEN

Kevin Ruart, France vs. Bozhidar Ivanov, Bulgaria

Ruart showed technicality, speed, and fighting spirit throughout the match, but the clear winner was in the blue corner. The Bulgarian is a six-time national MMA champion in three different categories. Bozhidar Ivanov won the fight with a unanimous decision of the judges after the end of the battle.


Fight #11

Cat. 95 kg, rules: KWU SENSHI

Jacub Klauda, Czech Republic vs. Muammer Can Şаhin, Turkey

In the heavyweight category, 95 kg, Jacub Klauda showed superiority over Muammer Can Şаhin. Both put up a good fight, but there was an obvious superiority in the red corner. Klauda won the fight with a unanimous decision by the judges.


Fight #12

Cat. +95 kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Abdarhmane Coulibaly, France vs Bruno Suzano, Portugal

Both fighters demonstrated excellent preparation and incredible techniques from the beginning of the fight. Bruno Suzano won the match after the unanimous decision of the judges. The Portuguese from the blue corner is ISKA world champion and European WKU and WAKO European champion.


Fight #13

Cat. +95 kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Miroslav Vujovic, Montenegro vs Nenad Cosic, Germany

In the titanic fight, Miroslav Vujovic failed to win against the technique in the blue corner despite excellent preparation. The match did not disappoint the audience, offering a titanic battle in which the judges awarded the victory to Nenad Cosic by a split decision of the judges.


Fight #14

Cat. 80 kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Eddy Ruiz, Spain vs Teodor Hristov, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Teodor Hristov, who holds many titles, including the Intercontinental WKF Champion and the Balkan WAKO Champion, won against the Spaniard Eddy Ruiz, the ISKA Muay Thai World Champion. His victory became apparent after the end of the 3rd round again with the judges’ unanimous decision.


Fight #15

Cat. 70 kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Bruno Gazani, Brazil vs Samo Petje, Slovenia

The match did not disappoint the audience, showing masterful performances and a strong fighting spirit. The Brazilian Bruno Gazani, a four-time WGP world champion, lost against the Slovenian Samo Petje with the judges’ split decision.


Fight #16

Cat. 70 kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Yu Hirono, Japan vs Dragomir Petrov, Bulgaria

An incredible victory for Dragomir Petrov! The Bulgarian, a four-time muay thai champion for Bulgaria, performed excellently against Yu Hirono and brought the European title to Bulgaria. The victory came after the unanimous decision of the judges.


Fight #17

Cat. 75 kg, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Adolfo Barao, Portugal – vs Atanas Bozhilov, Bulgaria

The impressive fight for the European title pitted two skilled competitors against each other, who caused a standing ovation and showed high technicality, good preparation, and incredible skills. Atanas Bozhilov is one of the most talented Bulgarian kickboxers, winner of many titles, and the Potrugalian Adolfo Barao, a six-time kickboxing champion in his country, was his opponent from the red corner. The Bulgarian won the European title of SENSHI with the judges’ unanimous decision.

Fight #18

Cat. kg 85, regulations: KWU FULL CONTACT

Ali El Ameri, Morocco vs. Aleksandar Petrov, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Aleksandar Petrov brought the 3rd European title to Bulgaria. The incredible victory was marked by the unanimous decision of the judges. Aleksandar Petrov is WAKO World Kickboxing Champion for 2015, and his opponent is the WKL Kickboxing champion in Spain.

The special award “Knockout of the Night” was won by Mubariz Aghmaliyev and Montana Aerts grabbed the prize for the “Fighting Spirit” for the night from the Netherlands. The “Best Technique” award at SENSHI 17 went to Yu Hirono from Japan.

Special guests at the fighting gala night were many martial arts legends, including the world-renowned and deeply respected masters: Shihan Akira Masuda, Shihan Francisco Filho, Shihan Ryu Narushima, Shihan Glaube Feitosa, along with Shihan Semmy Schilt, Shihan Nicholas Pettas and many more famous names in the combat world. K-1 world heavyweight champions Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts, and Sam Greco, as well as the first „K-1 Max“ champion Albert Kraus who again were commentators and referees of the titanic clashes.

Among the special guests of the 17th edition of SENSHI was also Takashi Ito, who is WMAF Super Welterweight Kickboxing Champion and CEO of Japan’s biggest promotion R.I.S.E. which provides thrilling entertainment to fans of the sport and has become one of the most popular kickboxing promotions in the country.


The spectacular fight gala SENSHI 17 was broadcasted live on Bulgaria ON AIR and Max Sport for Bulgaria, as well as in real-time worldwide on American television FITE,, and,,,,

SENSHI is organized in cooperation with the Professional League of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU International Professional League), as well as with the exceptional support of Armeec Insurance Company, MAX Sport, Bulgaria Air, M Car Group – BMW dealer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service and St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding.

SENSHI’s media partners are Boec.BG and Boec.COM, the national television Bulgaria ON AIR, the American online martial arts television FITE,,,, the information portal Kyokushin Karate News, Fighto.News and


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