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Founding Conference of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU)


On October, 12th, 2011, in Moscow there will be kept the Founding Conference of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU)

There will be leaders of international organisations: IFK, KyokushinKan International, KWF (EFK), KF (Kyokushin Foundation), as well as RKA (Russian Association of Kyokushin) as one of co-founders of the Union. Hanshi Arneil, Kancho Royama, Hanshi Hollander, Kenji Sugekawa have already approved their participation in the Conference. Shihan Yuri Trutnev will be the chairman during the conference. In addition, the leader of the Bulgarian Federation of Kyokushin karate-do, Ivo Kamenov is invited as well as administration of WKO and IKO.


As it was stated earlier, – the decision to create a World Union was made during the International Conference “Kyokushin in the modern world”, which was kept in Moscow, March, 28, 2011. The World Union establishes a very ambitious aim – to enter international sports union “SportAccord” as a separate sport, and through this way to become an active participant in the world of sport martial arts, united by five Olympic rings.
Today it is already obvious that this historical step is consolidating the world’s Kyokushin, uniting separate international organisations, basing on principles of equality into a single international sports federation.
It is expected, that already in this year the Kyokushin World Union will be registered in the Olympic capital of the world – the city of Lausanne.
Organising Committee of the Founding Conference of KWU.

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