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Emotional weight-in before SENSHI 5

All 18 fighters successfully passed the official weight-in before the fifth edition of SENSHI. The event was held in Grand Mall Varna in front of an emotional crowd

Almost all of the fighters had serious fan groups cheering for them. The measurement came under the keen gaze of Shihan Alexandr Pichkunov, who is the KWU General Secretary and one of the referees. Here are all the results:

  1. KWU Full contact – 55 kg – Anna Izdebska from Ukraine (54,300 kg) vs. Albena Sitnilska from Bulgaria (54,900 kg)
  2. KWU SENSHI – 70 kg – Volodymyr Serheiev from Ukraine (68,700 kg) – vs. Petar Stoykov from Bulgaria (69,700 kg)
  3. KWU SENSHI – 80 kg – Majid Hashem Beigi from Iran (80,000 kg) vs. Nikolay Yorgov from Bulgaria (79,900 kg)
  4. KWU Full contact – 95 kg – Masaki Fuji from Japan (92,000 kg) vs. Vitalii Ishakhneli from Russia (95,000 kg)
  5. KWU Full contact – 80 kg – Ljubo Jalovi from Serbia (80,000 kg) against Hristiyan Korunchev from Bulgaria (79,900 kg)
  6. KWU SENSHI – 65 kg – Artur Arushanyan from Armenia (64,900 kg) vs. Alisher Karmenov from Kazakhstan (65,000 kg)
  7. WAKO PRO – World Title, Low Kick, Cat. up to 85.1 kg – Abderrahim Chafay from France (84,800 kg) – Andrei Chekhonin from Russia (85,000 kg)
  8. WAKO PRO – World Title, K-1, Cat. up to 71.8 kg – Adolfo Barao from Portugal (71,800 kg) vs Atanas Bozhilov from Bulgaria (71,800 kg)
  9. WAKO PRO – European Title (Vacant), K-1, Cat. up to 75 kg – Maikel Astur from Estonia (75,100 kg) vs. Bogdan Shumarov from Bulgaria (72,200 kg)

Three legendary K-1 champions took part in the official ceremony. Find out what happened.

On SENSHI 5 we will see 9 fights in a total of 4 styles – KWU SENSHI, KWU Full contact, WAKO PRO K-1 and WAKO PRO Low kick between martial artists from a total of 11 countries. Six of the clashes will be under the new rules of the KWU International Professional League – KWU SENSHI and KWU Full contact.

In the first style – KWU SENSHI, all boxing hits are allowed; spinning back fist; all kicks; one knee hit to the head after grasping with two hands; clinch up to 5 seconds; cuts; grip and kick; elbow strikes; throws. With KWU Full Contact, all of the above techniques are permitted, without elbow strikes and throws.

Tickets for SENSHI 5 are at sale and can be found here.

Follow the official website of SENSHI – and at the official social media of the event and

SENSHI 5 is brought to you by A1, Central Cooperative Bank, “Armeec”, “Bulgaria Air”, “M Car Sofia” and “Bang&Olufsen.

You can watch the fight night live and free on and FITE.TV

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