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CHIKARA | 戦士 SENSHI Australia vs Europe Results

The spectacular fight night will take place on December 9th in Melbourne, Australia

Here are the results:

Fight 10
Aaron Goodson (winner) vs Maikel Astur (Estonia)

Fight 9
River Daz (winner) vs Ognyan Mirchev (Bulgaria)

Fight 8
Stefan Stamatakos (winner) vs Aleksandar Yordanov (Bulgaria)

Fight 7
Dassakorn Saton (winner) vs Rosen Nyagolov (Bulgaria)

Fight 6
Alessandra de Sa vs. Aneta Meskauskiene (Lithuania) – Draw

Fight 5
Nathan Phillips (winner) vs Kevin Cid (Spain)

Fight 4
Zayn Timev vs Vasil Dimitrov (winner) (Bulgaria)

Fight 3
Genci Sulaj (winner) vs Nikolay Zotev (Bulgaria)

Leanne Stewart vs Hayley Beth Rowlands (winner) (UK)

Fight 1
Samuel Shields vs. Szymon Olpinski (winner) (Poland)

Elite European and World Kyokushin Karate Champions from Poland, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Bulgaria took part in six spectacular fights under the rules of Full Contact Kyokushin Karate. They faced Australian champions in 3 rounds of 2 minutes each, some of the fights deserved extensions and some were with additional rounds. This was a traditional CHIKARA tournament, with Shihan Judd Reed hosting the event.

During the spectacular special fight event, attendees enjoyed 4 titanic clashes under KWU Full Contact rules. Great fights heated up the atmosphere at Dom’s Social Club. Local kickboxing stars stepped into the ring in a battle for the SENSHI belts against proven European champions from Estonia, and Bulgaria.

We congratulate all the participants for their spirit and amazing fights. Osu!

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