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Anderson Rosa won the first KWU SENSHI Brazil event

Anderson Rosa, 37 years old, won the first event held by KWU SENSHI Brazil, which took place in São Paulo on April 15 at the Arnold Classic international fair.

The event featured athletes from various contact karate organizations and included an eight-athlete GP and four matched fights.

To win the title, Anderson had to win three consecutive fights. In his first fight, he defeated Alex de Morais by the judges’ decision.

He then faced Leandro Arjona, whom he defeated by waza-ari, reaching the final against Rafael Rodrigues.

Rafael showed excellent kicking technique and dynamic fighting in his previous fights but was defeated by Anderson by Waza-ari.

The “one match” fights were held in different categories, with the women’s fight being one of the event’s highlights.

IKO Matsushima world champions, Renata Borba and Camila Reis showed a lot of technique and an excellent fight, and Borba defeated Reis by the judges’ decision.

Another highlight of the event was the reunion of Kyokushin legends Shihan Francisco Filho, Shihan Glaube Feitosa, and Shihan Luciano Basile.

Shihan Filho and Shihan Feitosa held an open workshop, where athletes and the public, in general, had the opportunity to learn fighting techniques from these great stars.

Check out the complete results of the event:

Arnold Classic KWU SENSHI 2023:

GP Champion: Anderson Rosa

Runner-up: Rafael Rodrigues

Third place: Fabiano dos Santos

Fourth place: Leandro Arjona

One Match

Senior Category:

Adinaldo de Jesus defeated Rafael Azambuja by judges’ decision

Men’s Middleweight:

Sérgio Alves Jr defeated Danilo Andriguetti by a judge’s decision

Men’s Heavyweight:

Eduardo Fanfa defeated Luciano dos Santos by judges’ decision

Women’s Open Weight:

Renata Borba defeated Camila Reis by judges’ decision

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