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A 50-Man Kumite successfully completed by Sensei Maqbool Shah

On Saturday, 13th May 2023, In Afghanistan Nangarhar province, Sensei Maqbool Shah Momand successfully completed a 50-man Kumite (Fight) for the first time in the history of the Afghanistan Karate Federation, he constantly competed a 50-man kumite with each opponent for 1:30 minutes for each round and achieved the champion title of the (50 Man Kumite).

In this 50-Men Kumite, many fighters participated from the different states of Afghanistan, this event took place under the supervision of the Senior Management Committee and was led by Supreme Judges. Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan Karate Branch Chief and Vice President for Administrative and Legal Affairs Sensei Mohammadullah Sabiri and Sensei Younes Basharat Branch Chief and Head of Judge’s Committee Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan.

Sensei Maqbool Shah Gardiwal Momand has made record in Afghanistan Karate Federation. In the future, he is planning to complete a 100-man kumite in 2024.

Sensei Maqbool Shah Gardilwal Momand was born on the 01st of August 1990 in Gardi-Ghawos village, of Momandara district, Nangarhar province in Afghanistan, he started Kyokushin karate in his teenage and joined Kyokushin-kan Organization Afghanistan in 2008.

During his Karate career, he actively participated in four KWU World Championships:

Worth mentioning, in 2018 Sensei Maqbool Shah received first place in the Open Asian Kyokushin Kan Karate Championship, he took the first champion trophy in the 75-weight category in Kazakhstan.

Sensei Maqboolshah Gardiwal Momand has received the following titles at the national level:

In 2007 and 2009 All Pakistan Shin-Kyokushin Karate National Champion two times.

From 2012-2023 Afghanistan Kyokushin Kan was the National champion 9 times

In 2014 Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan national open weight third position

In 2017 Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan national open weight second position

In 2018 Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan national open weight second position

On 10th of March 20121, Sensei Maqboolshah Gardiwal Momand was nominated as a Branch Chief for Nangahar province of Afghanistan, he is holding third Dan. Sensei Gardiwal is planning to organize a 100-man kumite in 2024 and will compete with a 100-man kumite.

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