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IFK Uruguay: The 7th Uruguay Summer Camp

The 7th Uruguay Summer Camp was held in the Military Vacation facilities in Salinas on March 2, 3 & 4.

ifk Uruguay

The Summer Camp was organized by the Uruguayan Kyokushin Kai Association A.K.K.U., and technically led by Sensei Germán Carballo 4th Dan (Uruguay IFK Country Representative).

Participants included students and instructors from Montevideo, Canelones, Soriano and Salto.

Four daily training sessions took place in which technical aspects were thoroughly covered, focusing on physical conditioning and strengthening during outdoor activities as well.

There were several challenges on a personal level, including: KYU grading, KURO OBI (1st dan) grading, 20 kumite challenge and the Referee Course for new and already certified referees.

As an organization, and besides the success of the event, A.K.K.U. is proud to present the new grades:
– Mauricio Nesteruk and Pablo Bruni (Red 10°Kyu)
– Joaquín Castro and Ricardo Cardozo (Red 9°Kyu)
– Oscar Pricoli, Gabriel Fernandez, Guillermo Parra and Fátima Parra (Blue 8°Kyu)
– Camila Tapia and Santiago Cuenca (Blue 7°Kyu)
– Juan Pablo Bianchi and Priscila Lemos (Yellow 6°Kyu)
– Guzmán Centurión, Mauricio Ramirez, Joaquín Mesa and Claudia López (Green 4°Kyu)
– Yonathan Perez (Green 3°Kyu)
– Nicolás Dagys, Martín Rucci, Jonhatan Funez y Lautaro Hornos (Brown 2°Kyu)
– Cesar Acosta (Brown 1°Kyu)
– Gonzalo Díaz (Black 1°Dan)

The kuro obis who succeeded in the 20 Kumite challenge during the camp were as follows:
– Senpai Noelia Fabre
– Senpai Santiago Mosco
– Senpai Mario Hornos
– Senpai Maite De León
– Senpai Gonzalo Díaz

New referees for Kumite Knockdown include:
– Maite De León
– Gonzalo Bentancur
– Matías Laíno
– Claudia López
– Mauricio Ramirez
– Martín Rucci
– Yonathan Perez

A.K.K.U. would like to thank the everyone’s effort to be a part of the biggest event of the year.

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