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50th KWF Eastern European summer camp 2023

On July 20-23, 2023, the Jubilee 50th KWF Eastern European Kyokushin Summer Camp took place at the University of Physical Education facilities in Kraków with about 250 participants from Poland and eight other countries.

The main trainer was the President of KWF Shihan Antonio Pinero (9th Dan) and the special guest was the legendary competitor and world champion Kyokushin Shihan Francisco Filho (7th Dan). The program of the camp was prepared by Shihan Andrzej Drewniak (9th Dan).

The participants were accommodated in the AWF Summer Hotel. The official opening of the camp took place on July 20 at 16.00 in the newly renovated AWF Sports Hall.

In addition, on Saturday morning, July 22, there was an hour-long Kyokushin Karate show with the participation of nearly 250 participants on the Main Square in Krakow, which was led by the masters Shihan Antonio Pinero and Shihan Francisco Filho, filmed by TV also from a drone.

The technical, fitness and kata exam for kyu and dan took place on Saturday, July 22 with the participation of nearly 50 participants. A ceremonial Sayonara combined was held at the AWF Restaurant with the participation of nearly 250 participants and invited guests. The champions symbolically cut a special cake for the golden anniversary of Polish Kyokushin.

The official closing of the camp preceded by a kumite exam.


More pictures you can find here:

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