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Nikolay Yorgov returns at SENSHI 9 with a victory

Bulgaria’s Nikolay Yorgov returned to the ring of SENSHI with a triumph. He captured the SENSHI European title in the 80 kg category following a victory over Belarus’ Ruslan Nasibulin.

Yorgov got the W via decision after 9 minutes of non-stop action in Kamchia.

The Bulgarian was calm and collected in the beginning, choosing quality over quantity. Yorgov was selective with his attacks and was always thinking about his defense, limiting the ways he can get caught or hurt.

Nasibulin was fighting mainly on his back foot and there were times where he was pushed back to the corner of the ring, absorbing hard strikes from the powerful Yorgov.

The home crowd hero was looking to land an elbow to the head of his opponent at any given chance, but Nasibulin’s guard was on point. The Belarusian fighter answered back with some great left hooks. The problem for Nasibulin was the absence of low kick attacks, as Yorgov was always punishing him with leg and body kicks.

One of Yorgov’s elbows got Nasibulin bloodied and the medical staff had to check on the Belarusian who answered with another portion of punches to the body and the head of Yorgov.

The final round was fought on the inside, with both fighters exchanging hard kicks and shots to the body.

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