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Daisho: Mystical Blades of the Japanese Samurai

The samurai did most of his fighting with the long katana, shown above. Its forged steel blade was the secret of its strength.

At the birth of a samurai—the servant warrior to a daimyo, or lord—a sword was present in the room. And when he died, survivors placed his swords beside him in the expectation he would defend his daimyo from demons in the afterlife. Continue reading “Daisho: Mystical Blades of the Japanese Samurai”

Some of The Deadliest Samurai Were Women, But History Forgot

There is no shortage of stories about legendary Japanese samurai warriors in modern pop culture; but most stories only feature the male ones.   

Contrary to popular belief, female samurai existed and were just as fierce and skillful as their male counterparts.

Called the onna bugeisha, these deadly warriors were similarly trained in combat, self-defense and skillful use of weaponry, according to Japan Times. Continue reading “Some of The Deadliest Samurai Were Women, But History Forgot”

“Samurai” Championship in Yerevan, Armenia

On November 17th Kyokushin karate Federation of Armenia hosted

“Samurai” Championship at “Mika” Sports Hall, with 437 children and juniors taking part in the kumite and kata competitions.


Congratulations to all the participants. Continue reading ““Samurai” Championship in Yerevan, Armenia”