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Being Fair is an Iron Rule of Game

When I was a Branch Chief of Saitama Prefecture,


it was my job to pick up Sosai Mas Oyama from Honbu and drive to Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium where the All Japan and World Karate Tournament was held. I remember one time there was organization disorder, and right after, I was driving Sosai to Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium for the All Japan Tournament. Continue reading “Being Fair is an Iron Rule of Game”

British Open 2017 – pictures

We updated our PICTURES webpage with album from

41st British Open Knockdown, incorporating 9th Cup of Europe

More pictures you can see on BKK Official Facebook page

Watch all the action below, and check out the results here Continue reading “British Open 2017 – pictures”

Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes with the addition of 12 new dojos!

Kyokushin-Kan USA would like to welcome new Branch Chiefs

Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes 12 new dojos

Shihan Mike Speagle (North Carolina), Shihan Eric Mercado (Pennsylvania), Sensei William Brown (North Carolina), Sensei Keith Hill (Seattle) and their respective dojos to the KAN family. Continue reading “Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes with the addition of 12 new dojos!”

Alexandar Komanov – “Nothing is impossible”

Things we want to know about Alexandar Komanov and his honest answers:

How did you start your journey in Kyokushin? Why did you choose Kyokushin? Who was your coach?
Kyokushin is a family tradition for me and my brother Ivan. Our couch is our father Evgeni Komanov. We were very little when we started our first lessons of karate. Continue reading “Alexandar Komanov – “Nothing is impossible””