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10 Karate Concepts Every Martial Artist Should Know

For many practitioners, one of the most challenging components of karate training is learning the nuances of the terms used in the dojo. Any instructor can offer a one-word definition of each Japanese word, and that can certainly lessen the complexity of what’s being taught. But often a quickie translation isn’t enough to convey the true meaning of the terms the Japanese chose to describe the concepts of karate.

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Am I too old to start learning karate?


Starting Karate is not a matter of age or fitness level, but of motivation. By the nature of its practice, it is entirely possible to start practicing Karate as you advance in age. Even if you’re out of shape, Karate will transform your body (and mind) in ways you can barely imagine. If you desire to start Karate, by all means, do it, as there is no right age to do so.

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All-Ukrainian Summer school Kyokushin KWF 2020

Throughout July and August, the All-Ukrainian Summer School in KYOKUSHIN KWF 2020 was held under the leadership of the National Representative of KWF in Ukraine Sensei Dmytro Nikolaiev, 4th dan.

In order to comply with the conditions of quarantine, the school was held in three arrivals of 40 people in each, thus, a total of 120 participants from the Mykolaiv, Kherson, Cherkasy, and Chernigov regions participated. Continue reading “All-Ukrainian Summer school Kyokushin KWF 2020”

Is Karate effective for self defense?

Karate Can Be A Very Effective Form Of Personal Defense If It’s Taught And Trained Properly.

Is Karate Really Effective for Self Defense?

By Martin Jutras

In my experience, Karate can be a very effective form of self-protection if it’s taught and trained correctly. As you probably know, Karate was not designed for sport fighting, it was designed for self-defense and personal protection. Continue reading “Is Karate effective for self defense?”