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The national team of Bulgaria has finished it’s training in Russia

The three-day kumite training camp

under the leadership of Shihan Alexey Gorokhov in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod region, has become the final trip, finishing the two-week journey of the Bulgarian national Kyokushin team to Russia.

team Bulgaria finished training Russia

In total, 100 athletes from eight Russian regions participated in Shihan Gorokhov’s camp. Continue reading “The national team of Bulgaria has finished it’s training in Russia”

Martial Arts for Kids

Parents most certainly seem to have their hands full with regards to their children.

All too often we hear the same old story about parents who are struggling to keep their kids in line and are plain and simply at a means to an end when it comes to meeting their child’s specific needs.

martial arts kids

We hear stories of children being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, even Depression and are prescribed adult-level medications to attempt to help curb whatever it is that they are lashing out against… and more often than not the problems that these children are facing only continue to escalate. Continue reading “Martial Arts for Kids”

KWUCHAMP 2017: Ekaterinburg is a city of strong people!

It was founded in 1723, by the order of Peter the Great – the first Russian emperor


Russian Empresses Catherine the First and Catherine the Great both had a big influence on the destiny of the city. The city was named after the wife of the Emperor, Catherine the First, whereas Catherine the Second granted Ekaterinburg the status of the city and in the years of her reign, one of the main roads of the Russian Empire, the Siberian Route was paved through it.
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