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Summer Saint-Petersburg 2018

Summer Saint-Petersburg 2018

will be held from 9 to 20 August 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia

Summer Saint-Petersburg 2018

Trainers of the camp:
Lyutinsky Victor (Champion of Russia, the head coach of an adult national team of the St. Petersburg Federation kyokushin karate – do, the Honored trainer of Russia);
Savelyev Dmitry (Champion of Russia, Europe and the World, the Honored Master of Sports of Russia, the head coach of a team of Association of Kyokushinkai of St. Petersburg), responsible for organizational questions. Continue reading “Summer Saint-Petersburg 2018”

Seminar with Shihan Ramil Gabbasov in Belarus

General management and organisation of the training school

is under control of representation of International organisation of Kyokushin-kan karate-do in Belarus – GGMS000 Federation of Kyokushinkai and Saiha Proff club as represented by Branch-chief of Kyokushin-kan International Yauheni Kasachuk (3rd dan).

The seminar is focused on kumite training and judging rules of Kyokushin World Union (KWU). Continue reading “Seminar with Shihan Ramil Gabbasov in Belarus”


KWF Tunisian Country Representative sensei Skander Garna

with collaboration of Tunisian Kyokushinkai Federation organized technical seminar and belt exam between 28-29 April 2018 in Sousse, Tunisia.

All technical seminar and belt exam was held by shihan Antonio Pinero. There was 190 student who participated in seminar. It was great and very useful event for all participants.