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Youth KWUEURO 2019 in a few words

This past weekend KWU Germany hosted the Youth KWU European Championship 2019

400 boys and girls from 26 countries participated in the competition which was divided into 3 age classes: 12-13, 14-15 and 16-17-years-old.

A total of 32 gold medals were handed to the winners in their respective categories. Russia dominated the event by winning 28 gold medals, Hungary captured two 1st places while Bulgaria and Armenia claimed 1 gold medal. Continue reading “Youth KWUEURO 2019 in a few words”

Is Kyokushin Practical for Women?

By Think Martial Arts

Fresh off the back of another awesome Karate camp…I’m reflecting on some things that I have been wondering about of late. Many of the things I have been thinking about , and or heard over time was re-iterated or confirmed by various high level instructors over the weekend.

I have therefore definitely now come to the conclusion that Kyokushin Karate, as it is taught in most dojo’s, is not perfect for self defence. It’s almost detrimental. It’s even less suited to smaller women and children. Continue reading “Is Kyokushin Practical for Women?”